Tooth-colored (white) Fillings

Most likely you have had a filling, after all a filling is one of the most common restorations performed on damaged teeth, or when a tooth is partially decayed or chipped. So while you are familiar with what a filling is, you can forget about what you think they have to look like.


Dr. Fine only uses tooth colored, or “white” fillings. You will love these metal-free fillings and be thrilled with their long-lasting, yet natural appearance as opposed to the silver fillings that blacken and discolor your teeth.


Tooth-colored fillings allow for more conservative preparations where less tooth structure is removed.


Some other metal free techniques that might be used to restore your healthy natural looking smile include bonding with direct tooth-colored composite resins. If the area of decay or breakdown is too large or severe, then a porcelain, or resin inlay, or an onlay will be made that perfectly matches and is bonded in place making your tooth whole, strong and natural looking once again.

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Composite Filling (Anterior)