Full Mouth Restoration

You may have seen complete “smile makeovers” performed on TV shows like “The Swan”. Dr. Fine was doing these types of Full Mouth Restorations long before they became popular on reality TV.


Do you dread family pictures? Are you constantly finding ways to avoid smiling, even at yourself in the mirror? Do you smile only with your lips together? Then you may be a candidate for a complete smile makeover.


If you are like many adults, the years have taken their toll on your teeth. Cracks, chips, and other problems are not uncommon. Also, you may find yourself with a mouthful of dental work that was done in the years before the availability of the natural looking restorations that Dr. Fine has for you today. You may have a mouth that is a “Mixed Bag” of silver amalgam fillings and other metal or not so natural looking restorations, all of which can be corrected for you with a Full Mouth Restoration.


A Full Mouth Restoration will result in a smile you can be proud of, and will make you look younger and more vital, but it is not done strictly for cosmetic reasons. A full mouth restoration requires a dentist that is skilled in many areas, and also understands and listens to your unique needs.