Digital x-rays

We all know how important a beautiful smile is on the outside. But, to ensure that striking smile, Dr. Chad Fine is also concerned about what is on the inside. The best way to get at the root of any dental issue requires the use of x-rays. Dentistry at Westland only uses digital x-rays. Digital x-rays are very safe and use much less radiation than traditional film x-rays and transfer the images of your teeth and mouth directly to a computer.

Digital x-rays are highly detailed and can show where you have cavities, bone loss, teeth that have not broken the surface, and other conditions you cannot see with the naked eye.
Dr. Chad Fine will use Digital x-rays upon your first visit to evaluate your mouth; he will than take the time to go over the x-rays with you on the computer, and discuss a treatment plan customized just for you.
Located in view of breath-taking Black Mountain, Dr. Fine is well aware of how special, and yet fragile our environment can be. Digital x-rays are an earth – friendly “green” technology since they eliminate the need for film that ends up in land fills.